Directors for Defense Intelligence (DDI)


Director for Defense Intelligence (Warfighter Support)Direct, guide, and oversee the Defense Intelligence Enterprise’s operational support to warfighters and decision makers in collaboration with our allies and coalition partners.

Director for Defense Intelligence (Counterintelligence, Law Enforcement & Security). Ensure DoD has the policy, processes, and resources to conduct Counterintelligence (CI), security, intelligence analysis, and intelligence sharing & partner engagement programs.  Oversee activities conducted by DoD intelligence and related elements.

Director for Defense Intelligence (Collection & Special Programs)CSP oversees, enables, and integrates the Defense Intelligence Enterprise’s technical collection capabilities and clandestine technical operations. It is the advocate for resources as necessary to support technical operations and other traditional military activities, as assigned, in support of DoD and National intelligence and intelligence related activities.     

Director for Defense Intelligence (Intelligence & Security Programs & Resources).   DDI (ISP&R) defines, shapes, and optimizes Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) across the intelligence cycle for all phases of DoD operations, delivering capabilities from sensor to end user.