Direct Report Offices


Chief of Staff.  The Chief of Staff serves as the focal point for coordination of organization-wide management and administrative matters.  It also is responsible for supporting security, management, administration, and Defense Intelligence Mission Assurance issues.

Human Capital Management Office (HCMO). The Human Capital Management Office (HCMO) exercises policy oversight of personnel in Defense intelligence positions to ensure that Defense intelligence, counterintelligence, and security Components are manned, trained, equipped and structured to support the missions of the Department.

Congressional Activities. The Congressional Activities Office supports the USD(I), the ASD (Legislative Affairs) and the OSD (Comptroller) by facilitating OUSD(I) interaction with Defense and Intelligence oversight committees, Members of Congress and congressional staff to provide information on the MIP and OUSD(I) legislative priorities consistent with DoD objectives.

SAPCO. The Special Access Program Central Office (SAPCO) facilitates the Governance and Oversight of the SAPs assigned to the USD(I). Additionally the SAPCO oversees the development of SAP IT capabilities and services to support the OUSD(I).